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Ready to create the most unique and valuable asset in your creative career?



Your story is the most important thing in your portfolio! This is a collaborative, in-depth process where we deep-dive into your background, experience, and history to develop the most compelling strategy that will set you apart. You'll get strategic insight from an experienced creative director who has hired and mentored all types of creatives and knows precisely what you need to stand out.

What you learn working with me:

• how to craft a story that brings your experience to life and motivates others toward action

• how to use the thread that runs through your creative work and your experience

• how to leverage your non-creative background as an asset (e.g. bonus-skills)

• how to use your story to make those critical portfolio decisions

• how to amplify your story in conversations with hiring managers

• how to articulate your value in a way that is easily understood and embraced by your audience

• how to use your personal story to set yourself apart from others

• how to weave your story through your portfolio*

• complete clarity about what you offer as a creative professional (goodbye imposter syndrome!)

• the confidence to tell your creative story in a compelling and unique way

*portfolio session booking required

"Jamie is a literal Rock Star at what she does. She helped me organize, streamline, and tell my story. She connects all of the dots and helped me come up with the best strategy on my creative dream job journey."

Christy M.

UX Designer

"Jamie is an intelligent, sensitive, sharp, and seasoned professional. She will help you find the right tone and your unique voice and approach so you can move forward with your creative career."

Cezar C.

Creative Director

"Our conversations were everything I had hoped for as I worked to make sense of how to market a diversified and eclectic creative background. Jamie is friendly, funny, knowledgeable, and genuinely passionate about the work she's doing."

Shadley G.

Writer / Producer


1. I will do a cursory review of your resume, portfolio, and online profiles 24 hrs. prior to our session together so I have a solid idea of your history and experience. We'll dig into the rest when we talk!

2. You do NOT need to create anything new to work with me! We will work together in this session to develop your personal story and I'll teach you how to use it as a sales tool, and also as a way to make key promotion decisions.

3. We can most-likely rock your story in a solo session. You can also purchase other companion sessions (resume, portfolio, career compass, etc.) to ensure you have a completely well-rounded approach to your creative self-promotion!

Ready to get the amazing creative career support you've been looking for?

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