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resume + linkedin

Ready to break through the filters and get your resume and Linkedin profile noticed?



Together we dive into your resume and Linkedin profile to maximize your callback potential. You'll get strategic, actionable insights from an experienced creative director who has worked directly with recruiters, and has hired all types of creatives. I can identify what might be holding you back and how to fix it so you can get those callbacks!

What you learn working with me:

• why you're not getting callbacks on your resume

• how to handle your resume design so it's more effective

• how to improve your Linkedin profile and recruiter-search potential

• how to avoid falling into the black hole of ATS

• how to effectively describe your creative projects and processes

• how to identify and articulate your unique strengths

• how to show that you’re a perfect match to the job description

• how to easily create a cover letter that breaks through

• how to avoid resume mistakes that disqualify you from the interview round

• how to use your Linkedin profile to tell your personal story*

• how to organize your resume content so it supports your portfolio** 

• how to avoid overwhelming your audience with content

*story strategy session booking required

**portfolio session booking required

"Jamie knew what I needed to highlight on my resume to get more jobs, and she had the technical expertise to get it past all the automated processes companies are using now."

Andrea C.

Graphic Designer

"Jamie is very knowledgeable about the design industry and what hiring managers want and expect. She’s very personable and makes something that is stressful not stressful."

Charles M.

Sr. Graphic Designer

"Jamie not only is professional and knows how to show off your skills to help you shine in pixels, but she truly cares about your success. Her knowledge of the industry is so valuable."

Jennifer W.

UX / UI Designer


1. I review your resume and Linkedin profile 24 hrs before our session, so we can maximize our time together. I will identify any technical roadblocks, content confusion, and areas where you should be optimizing or selling yourself more effectively!

2. My goal is to make sure you're empowered and know how to sell yourself so you won't need assistance every single time your resume or Linkedin needs an update! I won't write your resume for you, but I will give you copy examples and teach you all the things that will get your resume to stand out.

3. We can most-likely rock your resume and Linkedin profile in a solo session if you already have drafts of both. You can also purchase other companion sessions (portfolio, interview prep, etc.) to ensure your self-promo is totally seamless!

Ready to get the amazing creative career support you've been looking for?

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