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Your Story is the Best Thing in Your Portfolio

Maybe you’re not in the creative position you want right now. Maybe you think your past experience is holding you back, keeping you from your goals, or making it harder for you to move forward on your creative career path.

Well, think again. 🙂

Have you ever stopped to consider how your past experience is actually an ASSET to your future? In honor of Veterans Day, lets look at a few legendary creative backgrounds...

➡️ Bob Ross was a drill-sergeant with the U.S. Air Force for 20 years, where he specialized exclusively in TRAINING OTHERS to do things quickly. He was also stationed in Alaska, where the incredible landscapes (happy trees?) captivated him and were committed to his memory. 🎨

➡️ Bill Blass was in the 603rd Camouflage Battalion in the U.S. Army––where his highly-trained unit exclusively handled VISUAL DECEPTION DESIGN––before beginning his very notable, and highly lucrative multi-decade career as a fashion designer. 👗

➡️ Retta Davidson enlisted in the U.S. Navy as one of the 5,985 women joining the ranks with the 900,000 men. Four years laters, Retta worked as one of the first 10 female animators at Disney Studios, clearly UNAFRAID OF COMPETITION in a very male-dominated industry. 🎞

It’s important for us to recognize the value of our personal creative stories. Our past experiences shape us into the creative people that we are today. And they don’t hold us back unless we let them.

Your story is unmistakably the best thing in your portfolio. 💖

Are you using it to your advantage in your creative career? If not, we should probably talk.



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