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Working Past Your Expiration Date?

You cannot make yourself enjoy something that’s past its expiration date. Working a job that is no longer challenging you or helping you grow as a creative professional is like forcing down expired food just because you happen to have it in front of you.

It’s easy.

It’s there.

It’s familiar.

But it’s going to make you sick.

Creatives were not meant to grind it out day after day, withering in the drudgery of mind-numbing tasks, wondering when that expired food may be coming back up.

If this sounds like you, here’s a few things you should know:

1. This feeling is normal for creatives. We always think we should just be grateful for whatever job we happen to have. But the truth is that we NEED new challenges and fresh landscapes throughout our careers to keep our creative brains sharp.

2. We can't just set it and forget it. Our jobs are to continually reframe, re-envision, and recreate things that are commonplace for everyone else. And we absolutely need to do this for ourselves and our creative careers as well.

3. When you’re fully aligned with something it will find a way to align itself with you. Taking calculated, inspired action to move forward in your career to a place that feels exciting and connected with who you are will remove that feeling of being stuck.

You ARE meant for bigger things. And 2022 is your year to get them.

Don't stop growing.

Don’t stay stuck.

Don’t eat expired food.

And don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything to get started. I got you. And you got this. 💖

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