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Why Your Creative Job Isn't Good for You

Stop banging your head against that MacBook. Situations that aren’t good for you don’t need to be toxic. They can simply just be reality.

➡️ If the business need and your creative aspirations don’t match, it’s not good for you.

➡️ If your hopes of receiving a certain title will never align with the company’s org structure, it’s not good for you.

➡️ If your manager doesn’t ever recognize how much extra work you’re always putting in, it’s not good for you.

➡️ If your whole team has changed, leaving you feeling isolated and creatively uninspired, it’s not good for you.

➡️ If you’re disconnected from the work because it feels boring or meaningless, it’s not good for you.

I’ve experienced Every. Single. One. of these scenarios in my creative career. The reality of some situations that were not good for me was harder to accept because I genuinely enjoyed my coworkers, or my manager, or the mission. But that didn’t mean it was ok to stay and impede my creative career growth.

There are other places that will pay you. 💰

There are other people that will respect you. 🎨

That are other missions that will drive you. 💥

Sometimes we need to accept the reality of situations that no longer serve us as creative professionals, even if it's scary. Because you deserve to find a place that inspires you, lights you up inside, and actively supports your growth as a creative professional.

And if any of this resonates with you, but you’re not sure what to do next, we should probably talk. 💖

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