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Why You Can't Give Up on Design

Thomas Miller, c.1975

Very few places hired Black designers in 1950. But when Thomas Miller got a job at Morton Goldsholl Associates, one of Chicago’s top design agencies, he was one of the very first Black designers to break into the profession of Graphic Design.

Miller was responsible for some of Goldsholl’s best-known projects––the Motorola rebranding (c.1961), the Peace Corps logo (c.1961), and (my personal favorite) the award-winning redesign of the 7UP packaging and identity (c.1976), using “effervescence” as inspiration for the new design. 🌟🎨

Wow. So damn good.

The world could’ve easily missed out on the creative genius of Thomas Miller. But even after being the only Black student enrolled in Ray Vogue School of Art, and getting turned down from job after job, he never gave up on his dream of being a professional designer.

And when Morton Goldsholl saw his incredible design talent, he hired Miller immediately, ignoring all societal pressures and prejudices. Miller enjoyed a very successful 35 year career as a graphic designer with Goldsholl’s agency, and spoke very fondly of his experiences there.

So, if you are struggling to find your creative place right now, DON’T GIVE UP.

👉🏼There IS a place for you in this creative landscape.

👉🏽There IS someone out there who will recognize your talent.

👉🏾There IS a future for you in your chosen creative field.

👉🏿There IS more to the story of your life as a creative.

Keep going. Keep improving. Keep putting yourself out there. And don’t give up on your dreams. Because you never know when you will make history by just simply being the talented person you are. 💖

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