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Why "Making It Pretty" Isn't Enough

I know my fellow graphic designers feel me on this one! 😆🤯

The truth is that many professionals don't actually understand the true purpose of design.

It's not about making things pretty.

Or making things pop.

Or adding flair.

Design is about solving problems and accelerating business objectives.

This is exactly what drew me into design when I was in college, blindly pursuing a BFA in Painting, and struggling to find my right place in the creative world. The idea that I could merge creativity with psychology and strategic thinking to make a business impact was beyond exciting to me.

They had me at Paul Rand. 🤩

Over the next 20 years of my creative career, I found that many businesses often underutilized designers and didn't provide the "big picture" information that would allow the design work to have a significant impact on business outcomes.

I became the squeaky wheel.

It was sometimes uncomfortable.

But the work always improved.

So, the next time someone asks you to do something that you know won't yield great results, calmly explain that you'd love to discuss the process so you'll be better equipped to solve the business problem.

And if they aren't interested in actually solving a business problem, then perhaps we should talk. 😉

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