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What is Your Interviewer Telling You?

"This interview is OVER."

These were the exact words spit out by the Creative Director at the very first design job interview my friend went on.

The reason for the abrupt reaction was not related to her portfolio work, her design skills, or her demeanor. It was simply a result of her tell-me-about-yourself answer that she was a recent graduate.

He walked out.

She gathered up her samples and cried all the way to the car, too traumatized to interview for another design job for quite awhile.


I talk to my clients about interview "feedback" all the time. Disrespect is the biggest one to be aware of.

➡️ If your interviewer is egregiously late and acts like it's no big deal: RUN. If they don't respect your time when you're not working for them, they sure as hell won't respect it when you are.

➡️ If your interviewer spends the whole time talking over you and hardly asks you any questions: RUN. If they don't care what you have to say as a candidate, they definitely won't care what you have to say as an employee.

➡️ If your interviewer abruptly redirects your statements in a group interview: RUN. If they feel comfortable undermining you now, imagine how they'll act when you're presenting your work to a client or stakeholder.

Never let anyone make you think you're not valuable, or treat you like a you're not worth their time.

And in the immortal words of Kenny Rogers (RIP):

Know when to walk away.

Know when to RUN.

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