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This Little Girl is Me

This little girl is me.

My dad taught me that you can create anything you want, anytime you want, anywhere you want, and to never let anyone else’s critical opinion of you become your reality. 🎨

My mom taught me to always do the thing, enter the contest, compete for the award, apply for the scholarship––because believing you’re worthy is more valuable than actually winning, even if you do win. 🏆

My little brothers taught me how to empathize, strategize, organize, manage total chaos (and I mean TO-TAL chaos), and that helping others reach their goals can be just as exciting as reaching your own. 🎉

Growing up in a family with very little financial means taught me how to be inventive, resourceful, grateful, resilient, and to never take anything for granted. Ever. 🙏🏼

I’m proud of the life I’ve built as a result of these lessons and experiences, many of which were difficult struggles. Because sometimes the darkness is how you see the stars. ✨✨✨

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