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Job Searching: Your IRL Spinning Beach Ball of Death

Throughout my career, I always visualized my creative job searches as the spinning beach ball of death. You know, the rotating rainbow-colored pinwheel that always pops up right before a deadline, forcing you to hold your breath and wait for the outcome?🤞🏼

Yeah, that definitely feels like every creative job search I’ve ever had over the past 20 years. 😏

As creatives, the effort we are required to put into job applications is exponentially more than other disciplines. It’s not just a resume submission––it’s an exhausting, star-studded performance, complete with singing and juggling while riding a unicycle that you designed yourself.

And as a result, the rejections (or ghosting) can be even more dangerous for our mental health and wellness as creatives. The stress associated with putting yourself out there, over and over, without any positive results can be permanently damaging.

And we creatives need to be aware of this. Like, REALLY aware.

Researchers who study stress have found that having high-levels of it for prolonged periods of time can shrink your brain. Like, literally SHRINK it. And the 3 things that happen when your brain shrinks are:

  1. Loss of memory.

  2. Loss of clarity.

  3. Loss of creativity.

Oh damn. That third one is no joke.

So, today, I want everyone who is seeking that next creative role to step away from the endless scroll of job postings, drink some water, take a deeeeeep breath, and repeat after me:

People do recognize my talent as a creative.

What I put into the world is unique and valuable.

I recognize that rejection is often protection.

I know that I am worthy of a great career.

The right role for me is just around the corner.

I am a creative badass.

I am a creative badass.

I am a creative badass.

I am a creative badass.

And maybe say that last one a few more hundred times, just for good measure. 😉

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