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Is Your Job Killing Your Creative Spark?

You know that feeling you get when you finally solve a complex creative problem and become unexpectedly energized and focused?

Is that the same feeling you had when you got up today? Or did you feel like you were being sucked down a drain of despair with that familiar ache in the pit of your stomach? 😣

You know the one I mean. The ache that’s trying to tell you that you are better than this. That you’re meant for bigger things. That you’re wasting your talents and a tiny piece of your creative soul is circling the drain each day.

Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic. Or is it…? 👀

We ALL inherently know what lights us up inside. Our bodies feel physically better when we’re doing work that lights our creative spark. But when things dull down, we keep trying to re-ignite that pilot light, not realizing that we’re spending our precious energy in the wrong place.

The discomfort of stagnation and the discomfort of growth are the same. But we get SO used to the discomfort of stagnation that we see it as the better option. Then we use all of our energy to soothe ourselves in the stagnant state instead of using it to expand and grow.

Now I’m not saying every day at your creative job is going to blow your mind with it’s awesomeness, but if none of them even come close, we should talk. Because you have a unique creative voice the world needs to hear. And you DO have options––even if it sometimes it feels like you don’t. ❤️

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