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How to Communicate Your Creative Value

Whenever my parents asked me about work when I was a Graphic Designer, they would inevitably become confused. And the more detailed my answers got, the more confused they would get. I often left those interactions thinking “Whatever. They just don’t get it.”

Then I realized that was a major failure on my part.

As creative professionals, it’s our job to articulate the value of our creative talents and services so we are not hidden in the shadows, undervalued, or overlooked.

If you’re currently feeling this way, just remember that the ability to communicate your creative value to someone only requires 3 basic things:

1. Seeing your work / your role from their perspective.

2. Understanding what they already know.

3. Providing the right level of detail as you fill in the gaps.

I realized how important mastering these communication skills was once I began working directly with clients, C-suite executives, internal teams, and outside partners.

And, as I moved forward in my creatives career, during job interviews when I needed to explain to HR professionals, marketing managers, program directors, finance teams, and CEO’s the value of my worth as a creative leader in their organization.

Getting comfortable explaining what you do (and how you do it) to all audiences will lead to better job offers, less frustrating client interactions, and more satisfying work experiences overall.

It will leave you feeling less like some mythical creature who is misunderstood and forgotten, and more like the highly-valuable and freaking awesome creative employee you are.

And everyone should know that, don't you think? 😉

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