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Are You Being Overly-Influenced?

I LOVE IT when people tell me I can’t do something.

You’ll never make a living being "artsy." 🎨

You’ll never find a design job in this post-9/11 economy. 💸

You’ll never be able to afford to live in that place. 🏙

You’ll never get to travel that much every year. ✈️

You’ll never find that apt/house/car within your budget. 🏡

You’ll never land a job like that without knowing someone.👀

You’ll never influence or convince that CEO/client/company. 🙌🏼

You’ll never be able to start a business during a global pandemic. ❤️

To these statements (which I’ve heard many more like them) my reply has always been: WATCH ME.

You are up against your mind every day. And no one else holds the power to say what you can achieve in this life.

Because the first person—and the ONLY person—you need to convince is yourself. And once you are convinced, things start happening because you have given yourself permission to succeed. And you WILL find a way.

So the next time you see a job posting and think “Wow that looks awesome but I’d probably never be able to get a position like that.” tell yourself to zip it, fire up the MacBook, and get that resume & portfolio out the door. 😉

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