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Don't Let Guilt or Fear Control Your Creative Career

As creatives, WE NEED new challenges. And at some point, we all need to move on from our jobs in order to

find them. However, people often mistake fear or guilt for safety. That’s why so many creatives stay in positions that make them miserable instead of seeking a more fulfilling path forward. 👀

It’s incredibly easy to feel guilty about leaving your job, your coworkers, your boss––even when you’re bored to tears by the creative work and KNOW you're meant for something more. 🎨😣

When this happened to me as a Graphic Designer, my mom dispensed the most amazing advice. She simply said: “Jamie, they already KNOW they won’t have you forever.”

Oh snap. She was right. (Ah, moms and their infinite wisdom...)

This single statement gave me the mental clarity and freedom I needed to begin to plan out my next career move as a creative professional.

So, if you’re feeling like it’s time to move on, but are wary of the next steps, here are 3 things you can do to get the ball rolling:

1. GET INFORMED. Survey the landscape by chatting with a few creative recruiters, or leisurely cruising the job postings to see what peaks your interest, and reflects the creative challenges you want.

2. GET ORGANIZED. Take stock of your value-prop by working with someone who can help you organize and update your self-promotional approach (portfolio, resume, profiles, pitch, etc.).

2. GET CONNECTED. Network with creatives who work at organizations or industries you’re interested in being a part of to get a better understanding of the landscape, culture, and opportunities.

Slowly getting your head into the game will begin to shift your mindset away from fear and guilt, and make you feel more empowered and in control of your future.

You never know when that perfect opportunity will present itself. But when it does, you'll be READY. 💥💥💥

(Command Your Career Series: #002)

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