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Bombed The Interview? How to Repair & Recover.

Soooo you’re pretty sure you bombed that creative job interview and now you feel completely terrible.

Maybe you were nervous and couldn’t stop talking. (been there)

Maybe you froze on some questions. (been there too)

Maybe you ignored the best work in your portfolio. (yep, me again!)

Creative job interviews can be really tricky because there is a LOT to cover and little time to do it in. But a bad one doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t get the job. It just means that you need to craft a little strategic damage-control messaging after it’s over.

This is where I can help you. 🥰

Here is a quick formula for your thank you note (which, btw, should be sent immediately after the interview is over!):

  1. BE HONEST. 🙌🏼 Thank the hiring manager for their time, and let them know you were a bit nervous and felt like the interview was not representative of your ability to perform in the role. Authenticity goes a long way with many hiring managers, and speaks to your ability to have clear self-awareness.

  2. BE SPECIFIC. 🔍 Mention the specific part of the interview that you struggled with and share what you wish you had said. Give specific details, but avoid being too wordy. This is your chance to deliver a stronger answer than the one you offered in the interview.

  3. BE ENTHUSIASTIC. 🤩 Give a few additional reasons why you’re excited about this opportunity (these can be the project scenarios you weren’t able to recall in the interview, or skills that you never got to discuss due to time constraints) and explain that you still feel that you’re the right person for the job.

  4. BE RESPECTFUL. 👀 Avoid sounding pushy or frustrated. Even if you don’t get hired this time around, it’s possible that you could find yourself in front of this interviewer again somewhere else, or back at this same company for a different creative opportunity.

Just remember that everyone bombs a least one interview in their creative career, so don’t let it destroy your confidence! The right job IS out there for you, and if this isn’t it, it was just the practice round you needed to totally nail the next one. 😉

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