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Are You an Imposter? (spoiler: NOPE)

Being a professional designer is HARD. And feeling like an imposter on top of that is the most dangerous place for a designer to exist. Because this is precisely when your brain begins it’s exhausting monologue...

🤨 Maybe today is the day I won’t have any more ideas.

😕 Maybe I’m not actually creative at all.

😖 Maybe my portfolio is garbage.

😣 Maybe everyone knows that already.

😢 Maybe I’m the last to recognize it.

😫 Maybe I’ll die alone and penniless, and they’ll print my obituary in Comic Sans so everyone knows what a talentless phony I was.

Well. That escalated quickly.

When we are boxed in by our worst fears, we no longer have the space to play, the freedom to explore, or the motivation to take those amazing creative risks that can bring innovation. 🌟

This is why I want you to know TWO KEY THINGS:

1. You WERE put on this earth to share your creative talent.

2. There ARE people out there who will appreciate you.

So the next time you feel that sting of anxiety and uncertainly regarding finding your place in the creative professional landscape, know that I've got your back. And you've got this. 💥💥💥

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