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3 Ways to Advocate for Yourself

We've all been there: That moment you realize that your client has no strategy, no plan, no idea what they want––but they're hoping your "design magic" will somehow work that all out! ✨🎨

Oh, and they need it by 5:00pm, if you don't mind. 😆

Design is not strategy.

Design is not messaging.

Design is not a miracle cure.

Having the skills to advocate for what yourself within an organization is not something taught in design school. It's learned through frustrating project failures, late nights at the iMac, and exponential rounds of revisions. I've been there too.

But it doesn't have to be this way. 💖

Knowing how to effectively PARTNER with your clients, managers, and stakeholders is critical to the success of your career as a creative professional––and lets be honest––your mental health. 🙌🏼

If you've been feeling the sting of this situation in your current role, here are 3 easy things you can do right now to improve this:

1. Set aside a time to talk through the entire project workflow with your client, manager, or stakeholders, to see where things can improve. (FYI: This should be done after the project is complete, and not when people are frantic and in the midst of chaos.)

2. Create a list of what would be helpful to you when you begin a project, and share this in a discussion with the client or project owner, calmly explaining that these things will enable you to hit the ground running and do your absolute best work for them.

3. Review the creative brief and identify the areas that caused unnecessary stress or delays. Then request a discussion with your client, manager, or stakeholders to find ways to improve this for next time, and create revised expectations for all parties.

And if you've tried all this and still feel like you're overlooked, overworked, and on the hook for small miracles, then perhaps it's time we have a chat. 😉

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