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Ready to stop underselling your creative talent so you can advance your career?



You'll get strategic, actionable feedback from an experienced creative director who has hired all types of creatives, and can tell you exactly what is holding you back and how to fix it. This is a collaborative, in-depth process where I spend time learning your background, frustrations, and career goals to help you find the best portfolio strategy to get you noticed!

What you learn working with me:


• how to organize your portfolio with intent

• what creative work to include (and what to leave out)

• how to effectively write project and process descriptions

• how to setup the most optimal portfolio site navigation

• how to avoid mistakes that disqualify you from the interview round

• how to show your creative work so it highlights your super-skills

• how to create a portfolio that actually supports your resume/CV*

• how to select the projects that help you in interviews

• how to avoid underselling or overselling yourself

• how to future-proof your portfolio 

*resume session booking required

"Jamie is a godsend for anyone looking for guidance in updating their portfolio. Her style is collaborative, motivating, and uncomplicated."

Deborah D.

Assoc. Creative Director

"Jamie is very perceptive and saw my work in a way I hadn’t before. She gave me great insight in how to portray my work and skills. I loved the whole experience."

Melanie N.

Sr. Graphic Designer

"Jamie was such a tremendous help for me when I decided to redo my portfolio. She is such a joy to work with and incredibly knowledgeable."

Ellen E.

Art Director


1. I review all of your portfolio and/or your work 24 hrs before our session, so we can maximize our time together. I will identify the gaps, navigation issues, and any areas where you are underselling yourself so we hit the ground running!

2. You do NOT need a live portfolio site to work with me! If you are struggling to determine what work to include, that's where I come in! You can send me a file-sharing link and I can review your work prior to your site creation.

3. We can most-likely rock your portfolio in a solo session if you already have a live site. You can also purchase other sessions (resume, story strategy, etc.) to ensure your promo approach is seamless, effective and totally badass.

Ready to get the amazing creative career support you've been looking for?

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