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leveling up

Ready to take control of your creative career and get a seat at the leadership table?



Buckle up! In this session we will define and create a roadmap for your exciting creative career future! Outlining your path with an experienced designer and creative director who's moved through multiple creative leadership levels and who has hired and promoted other creatives is going to ensure that you have clear, actionable steps to reach your goals.

What you learn working with me:

• what it truly takes to move to the next level in your creative career

• what leadership skills you need to have to land a higher position

• how to know if it's time to leave your job or focus on a promotion

• how to transition from individual contributor to a creative leader

• how to effectively articulate your worth to internal audiences

• how to approach to a career-path conversation with your manager

• how to demonstrate your value in a way that is easily understood and embraced

• how to develop a roadmap for your creative future

"I was feeling lost and unsure of my next creative career step, after just one chat with Jamie I felt my confidence come cruising back. It was like talking to a counselor but specific for my design career."

Tracy P.
Art Director

"Jamie is OUTSTANDING! I have never encountered someone with so much energy, understanding of the creative business and that truly cares about you, as a person and as a professional!"

Micaela G.

UX Designer

"Jamie's approach is always going to be considering you as a person first, creative professional second. That is why I will keep coming back to her for help as my career changes."

Jennifer W.

UX / UI Designer


1. If you're prepping for a specific hey-I-want-a-promotion conversation with your manager, I'll review the potential job description in advance, research your organization, and come prepared with a conversation strategy outline.

2. It totally ok if you don't know exactly where you want to land! We will work together on everything mentioned in the list above so you define your creative future and have clear, actionable steps to get there.

3. We can most-likely rock your leveling-up roadmap in a solo session if you send me all the critical info in advance. You can also purchase other companion sessions (career compass, story strategy, etc.) and maximize your ability to sell yourself.

Ready to get the amazing creative career support you've been looking for?

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