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Ready to get rid of creative imposter-syndrome so you can rock those job interviews?



Isn't it time you had a customized pitch that not only highlights the unique selling points of your experience, but also connects your work directly with the business needs of your audience? Developing and practicing your interview approach with an experienced creative director who has hired creatives of all types is going to ensure that you connect with your audience, maximize your interview time, and get those job offers!

What you learn working with me:

• how to effectively sell yourself to your interview audience

• how to avoid the common mistakes that creatives make in interviews

• how to effectively describe your projects and processes

• how to answer the dreaded "tell me about yourself" question

• how to handle curveball interview questions with ease

• how to explain your experience so it highlights your super-skills

• how to select the project examples that provide key proof points

• how to avoid underselling yourself or freezing up on questions

• how to navigate salary negotiations and other benefits discussions

• how to spot potential-employer red flags (e.g. how to know when to run)

• how to ask the right questions to specific audiences

• how to tell your story in a way that makes you totally memorable*

*story strategy session booking required

"I had the interview coaching session with Jamie and I was blown away from the start. I had no idea I was underselling my work and experience so much!"

Fiorella S.

UX Designer

"I would definitely recommend her if you need interview prep and confidence to take on your next interview. She totally gets the creative challenges."

Shana M.

Sr. Graphic Designer

"Jamie went above and beyond in helping me find confidence in how I present myself to employers. I'm eternally grateful to her for the confidence I now have"

Max L.

Graphic Designer


1. If you're prepping for a specific interview conversation, I'll review the job description in advance, research your audience, and come prepared with a conversation strategy outline.

2. It totally ok if it's been awhile since you interviewed and you're looking to feel generally more confident and prepared! We will work together on everything mentioned in the list above so you can calm those nerves!

3. We can most-likely rock your interview prep in a solo session if you send me any pertinent info in advance. You may also want to purchase other companion sessions (career compass, story strategy, etc.) to maximize your success potential!

Ready to get the amazing creative career support you've been looking for?

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