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Whether you're looking for a creative job, or need help navigating the one you're currently in, this will guarantee that you get access to FREE creative career support tools, templates and checklists sent right to your inbox, plus sweet member discounts on services and products (like courses, books, and swag), early-registration to my live speaking events or Q&A livestreams, new product or service launch previews, and podcast drop-alerts. Yassssssss!

Also? I will never blow up your inbox with tons of annoying emails every week, follow you around the web like a cyber-stalker, or sell your personal information to anyone else. Like, EVER. And you can easily unsubscribe anytime.

So, relax your overworked creative brain, save those final–final–final–v23 client files, and rest easy knowing that continuous career support (plus a delicious little freebie download as a thank you for signing up) is coming your way!

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