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Ready for the navigational tool that will ensure you never have another bad creative job?

What if there was a way to discover––with far more depth––what sparks you, what drains you, and where you truly come alive as a creative, so you can reclaim control over your career and never have another toxic, or misaligned creative job?

Many creatives can’t find clarity around how they do their best work because creative environments are often chaotic and mired in deadlines. This leads to misalignment with the workplace, which contributes to imposter syndrome.

But truly understanding HOW we do our best creative work is the secret to creative career success. This is how you build a solid portfolio. It's how you ace the interview. It’s how you win the offer. It’s how you earn the promotion. LET'S DO THIS!



This personal assessment session explores your individual "expression" of these 5 core creative traits, which translate into the skillsets that directly contribute to your success––or potential struggle––in certain professional contexts.


Responding willingly to the demands of the moment and changing course of action when required


Approach to ideation, generating new creative concepts, changing or improving things that others simply accept


Navigating large quantities of information to stay focused on what’s most important at any given time


Pushing creative boundaries, sharing ideas, accepting feedback, defending ideas, making decisions


Aspiration to have mastery in their creative field and willingness to continue improving their skills and abilities


This is a relaxed conversation that unearths the true uniqueness of your creative brain AND shows you how to use it to move yourself forward in your career. You'll receive the insights of an experienced creative director who has studied creative work-behavior for two decades to determine what truly creates success for creative individuals.


What you learn in this assessment session with me:


• the understanding of why certain work experiences and roles either energize or exhaust you

• how to set yourself apart from others with clear self-awareness and confidence in what you do and how you do it

• how to use the findings in this assessment as a directional guide to move yourself ahead in your career

• what to ask in interviews to ensure you won't get into another toxic or misaligned environment

• the knowledge to avoid applying for and accepting jobs that you ultimately won’t be happy in

• how to advance your career and communicate your creative strengths to find the right role

• how to push your skills forward in a conversation and relate them to project descriptions and discussions

• the framework that will help you enhance and articulate your personal story*

• how to merge this with your personal story strategy to create an amazing sales pitch*

• how to identify and vocalize exactly what you bring to a team in an interview conversation**

• a re-awakening of purpose, possibility, potential, and joy in your creative work-life

• overcoming the fears that are holding you back from unlocking your full creative potential

• the knowledge to destroy your creative imposter syndrome once and for all!

*story strategy session booking required

**interview session booking required

"As a late starter to a career in graphic design with major imposter syndrome, Jamie really helped me understand and trust that I was a valuable future asset to some lucky company."

Abigail P.

Graphic Designer

"Jamie brings a ton of industry knowledge and energy to her work. I left our session with invaluable new perspective and confidence about getting to where I want to go."

Hannah H.

Sr. Graphic Designer

"What a positive transformation I have experienced! Jamie has enlightened me to find myself and love what I do. She is an incredible person who helps you go after your dreams."

Arianne D.

Designer + Illustrator


1. After our session you'll receive a detailed report that explains where you fall on the Spectrum of Expression, what your ideal work environment might look like, potential challenges to be aware of, and how you can find your perfect creative job.

2. This is not a personality test or a generic strength assessment. This is pre-situated discussion that is specific to how creative professionals express the core traits that make them truly amazing at what they do.

3. We can accomplish this assessment in a solo session! You can also purchase other companion sessions (story strategy, interview prep, etc.) to ensure you are using this information in the most effective way possible.

Ready to get the amazing creative career support you've been looking for?

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