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About us


HELLO! I'M Jamie Roberts
graphic designer
SR. Creative Director

I speak to you from a place of 100% experience. Not from motivational quotes, or TED talks, or assumptions I’ve made based on other people’s experiences in this wild and unpredictable profession. I've seen it all with my own eyes.


But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

I graduated with my bachelors degree in Graphic Design shortly after the Sept, 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. My friends, family, and coworkers said I would never find a design job during the economic downturn. But I refused to give up. I created a self-promotional strategy that worked, and landed my first graphic design role within 90 days of graduation. 🎨


I spent the next two decades in a range of design and creative leadership roles in both agency and in-house environments, each with progressively more responsibilities. I managed numerous interdisciplinary creative teams, hired and mentored creatives, schmoozed clients and execs, won some design awards, and did whatever it took to sell myself, the work, and advocate for my teams. 🌟


But I was never able to find guidance or support that was specific to professionals in the creative industry. This always felt frustrating––especially when I was experiencing a transition, like a layoff, or a promotion. I needed someone who understood what I was going through and could help me navigate it. All I found was generic advice that didn’t align. 😕


Then, in 2020, I set out on a mission to use my experience to support other creatives by helping them receive the kind of resources, guidance and advice I longed for when I was in their shoes. And, well, here we are! 🙌🏼

So hit me up with your current scenario, because I’ve been there and I’ve made it through, so I can help you do the same. You deserve to find your perfect place in the creative landscape. And I've got your back 100%.


But don't take my word for it––check out my Google reviews and see what people have said about working with me. 🥰


I’ve been furloughed.

I’ve been laid-off. 

I’ve been forced to lay other people off.

I’ve experienced corporate restructuring.

I've been promoted.

I've been recruited.

I've been hired into roles I'd never done before.

I've been interviewed by 20 people at once.

I've totally bombed interviews and felt horrible.

I've presented to clients, C-suite execs, and boards of directors.

I've managed teams on-site and remotely.

I’ve been asked to manage people without being given a manager title (or salary). 

I’ve been given work that was another designer’s and felt guilty.

I’ve had my design work given away and felt angry. 

I've worked on in-house teams.

I've worked on agency teams.

I've worked as a freelancer.

I’ve had supportive, inspiring bosses that were laid-off.

I’ve had micromanaging bosses who didn’t value creativity.

I’ve had amazing teams that were dismantled.

I’ve been on creative teams that didn’t vibe.

I’ve searched for entry-level design jobs during a recession.

I’ve searched for creative leadership jobs during a recession. 

I’ve cried because no one replied to my resume submissions.

I’ve cried because I felt like my design career was dead-ending.

I’ve second-guessed myself as a creative.

I’ve felt creatively frustrated.

I’ve felt creatively exhilarated.

I want to teach YOU all the secrets I learned from successfully navigating these experiences.

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